Dark blue dining room/living room with complementary colors
Before our terrible accident I took photos of our front room to enter in Apartment Therapy’s Room for Color contest. I started putting together my entry, and then literally while I was in the hospital, I got Steven to finish writing it and submit it. Ironically, since we got home from the hospital, we’ve had to do a little bit of furniture rearranging to make it easier for me to maneuver in a wheelchair, but eventually it’ll be restored. Making it to the next round of the contest is dependent on votes, so if you like our room, we’d greatly appreciate if you favorite it!

I know I shared photos of the dining room area right after we moved in, but never this whole large front room in its finished state, which serves as our living room and dining room. If you’re curious, here’s what it looked like before we moved in, and a little info about how we chose the color. It was a tough decision, but we’re really happy with it. The right color paint can make such a difference!

Dark blue dining room/living room with complementary colors
Dark blue dining room/living room with complementary colors
Dark blue dining room/living room with complementary colors
Apt Therapy 3
Dark blue dining room/living room with complementary colors
Dark blue dining room/living room with complementary colors

In case you’re curious, here are the sources for most of the pieces in the room. A lot of them are vintage, but I highly recommend the vintage shops I’ve linked. You’re certain to find some treasures of your own at these places.

Paint color: Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue
Dining table: Vintage (Red Snapper)
Chairs: Vintage (family)
Wood side table: Free curb find
Locker: Vintage (Vintage Pink)
Hexagon tables: West Elm
Constellation globe: Vintage (Mark Denver in Melbourne, Australia)
Credenza: Vintage (Legacy Modern)
Coffee Table: Vintage
Black chair: Vintage (garage sale)
Red and white chair: Urban Outfitters (old)
Sofa: Mitchell Gold
Pillows: Vintage, handmade, and Urban Outfitters (old)
Standing light: Vintage
Plant stand: Vintage (Portland Flea)
Plant pots: West Elm, vintage
Blue pouf: Johnthan Adler
Art: Various artists
Throw: Urban Outfitters (old)
Jadeite salt and pepper shakers: Mosser Glass
Rug: Ikea
Curtains: Ikea
Chandelier: Vintage
Living room area light fixture: Rejuvenation

Thanks for voting for us, friends!

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You guys, I finally got out of the hospital! I’m still totally busted, but at least I’m busted at home, where I can cuddle with my husband and cats while my bones heal. There’s gotta be some therapeutic value in that, right? Trust me, there definitely is. Plus, the food at home beats hospital food any day. Not that I can currently cook, but I can order take-out, and my parents are currently here taking great care of me. I can’t mention enough times how grateful I am for the friends and family who have rallied around us–every kind or encouraging comment on here/twitter/facebook helps! Reading my favorite blogs and sites is my other savior right now, and I found some cool links while recuperating. Enjoy!
9-27-14 links
1. Make this cool geometric copper pipe light.
2. Love this easy take on a fringe skirt.
3. Go bold with a retro diamond wall mural.
4. Sew your own faux leather lattice tote.
5. Update your heels by adding scallops.
6. Beautify your notebooks with a touch of gold.

Three DIY dry shampoo recipes.

Ooh, love these boots.

I literally haven’t worn any makeup in weeks, but I can’t wait to try these tips for perfect winged eyeliner.


Hello friends. Have you been wondering why I went totally MIA for the past week? So am I, to some extent. I know the general overarching reason: Last Sunday morning while on my Vespa my husband and I collided with a car that ran a red light. I literally have no memory of these events, which is probably for the best, since I managed to break 22 bones. My kneecap, my skull, my pelvis, my collarbones, and my ribs are all in a lot more pieces than they normally should be. Steven broke his leg, too. I’ve been in the hospital recovering ever since, and it’ll be at least a few more days before I’ll even be able to go home. I’m not overstating things when I tell you this has been one of the worst weeks of my life. As if I need another thing to complain about, even my favorite jacket was destroyed in the accident. On the upside, though, at least we are both expected to eventually fully recover. It’s just a matter of time. I’m so lucky to have great medical care, plus wonderful friends and family who have been helping us get through this tough time.

Hospital stays and physical infirmities really aren’t conducive to blogging, but today I finally got my hands on my laptop to at least update you on the situation. Although original material is going to be few and far between for a while, I’ll be trying to keep up with blogging about ideas and inspiration. Thank you so much for your patience!

I hope everyone reading this is doing better than I am, and please be careful and remember to count your blesssings!


9-13-14 links
1. This leather strap planter is simple and stylish.
2. These nails make me want to get my hands on some gold leaf, asap (pun intended).
3. These catch-all wall pockets are an interesting storage solution.
4. Store your painbrushes in this clever leather mason jar holder.
5. Create a taxidermy effect without any real skulls with these fun mini clay animal heads.

This mini instax camera comes in the cutest colors.

15 styling and shooting tips. So helpful!

This twist on a chambray shirt would be super versatile.

3 tricks to help focus your brain. For those days when you have lots to do but your brain just won’t cooperate.


This past weekend we attended a wedding in the woods. We stayed in a cabin…
9-12-14 PF 1
…hiked through the woods…
9-12-14 PF 2
9-12-14 PF 3
9-12-14 PF 4
…gazed at the ocean…
9-12-14 PF 6
…took extremely serious photobooth pictures (in which yes, I wore flannel)…
9--12-14 PF 9
…and learned what to do if you encounter a bear or cougar.
9-12-14 PF 5
(Luckily we didn’t end up needing to know.)
It was extremely beautiful, and a whole lot of fun to catch up with friends we hadn’t seen in years.

This week I picked up a little piece of Halloween decor. I’m thinking of painting it, but can’t decide between black or white. I’m leaning toward black. Thoughts?
9-12-14 PF 7

There’s an Apartment Therapy contest (Room for Color) going on right now that I’m thinking of entering, but the commenters on that site are so mean that I’m having second thoughts. I love our front room, so I should probably stop being a big baby and just do it, right? I already took the photos.
9-12-14 PF 8

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