For a while now (longer than I expected), I’ve been working on a new site. And it’s finally ready to unveil. Please follow me to DIY in PDX!

So you might be wondering why I decided to change my site name and url. When I started this blog back in 2009, I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to be. My content was all over the place at first, and then I focused in on fashion. For a while it was more of a style blog. But throughout its evolution, there’s been one constant: DIY. Sharing projects and tutorials has always been a huge part of my motivation for blogging (see my DIY archives for evidence), and I realized that the name and styling of my blog needed to reflect this.

If the new blog looks familiar, that’s because I’ve moved all of my old content over (even comments!). It’ll have a lot of the same focus on DIY projects and recipes, plus I want to highlight some of the local businesses and DIYers that make Portland such a special place to live. And I cleaned up and reorganized the site and archives to make it easier to find content. It’s just a bit sleeker, more professional, and with better navigation.

Though this site will remain up for now, I won’t be posting new content other than a few reminders that I’d be ever-so-grateful if you’d follow me to my new site. I also have a new RSS feed, twitter, instagrampinterest username, and bloglovin’ site. Please come say hi!

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