Sometimes I can be really indecisive, but the best part of this clock is that you never have to make up your mind on the design. If you get sick of it, just wipe it off and start over. I did all of my designs in white, but there’s no reason you can’t go nuts with colored chalk, too.
DIY chalkboard clock tutorial
Here’s how to make your own chalkboard clock.

Wooden center-drilled round
Clock kit (don’t forget a battery!)
Clock hands
Chalkboard paint
Spray paint (optional)
Sandpaper (fine)
Foam brush
DIY chalkboard clock tutorial
1. Paint your wooden round with a coat of primer to seal the raw wood. You can use spray or brush-on primer, but I had brush-on, so that’s what I used. Let dry according to instructions on the package.

2. Paint the round with at least three light coats of chalkboard paint, making sure to cover the sides, too. Lightly sand and wipe away the dust before the final coat. Allow to dry according to the instructions on your paint.
DIY chalkboard clock tutorial
3. I couldn’t find white clock hands that I liked, so I painted brass hands with a couple of coats of white paint.

4. After the chalkboard paint has dried, rub soft white chalk all over the surface of your clock face and wipe it off. This will help condition the surface.
DIY chalkboard clock tutorial
DIY chalkboard clock tutorial
5. Assemble your clock mechanism and draw the face of your clock. Go as wild (or traditional) as you like!
DIY chalkboard clock tutorial
6. Add the clock battery, and hang it up.
DIY chalkboard clock tutorial

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9 Responses to DIY Chalkboard Clock

  1. Love this idea Rachel!

  2. Ellen says:

    Cute idea. I’d love to make one of these myself. I just read your profile blurb and saw that you live in Portland, OR. I just moved to Portland this month. Where do you buy these supplies locally? Specifically the clock kit and the wooden round? Or did you buy these items online?

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Ellen, welcome to Portland! I hope you’re enjoying it so far. I bought both the clock kit and the wooden round at Michaels (the one out near the airport), and I found the paint at Fred Meyers, though Michaels probably has that, too.

    • transientexpression says:

      Hi Ellen, welcome to Portland! I hope you’re liking it here so far. I bought the clock kit and wood round at Michael’s (the one out near the airport), and the paint at Fred Meyer, though Michael’s probably has that, too.

      • Ellen says:

        Thanks so much! Portland is lovely so far. It’s only been a week, but I’m loving all the greenery everywhere. Can’t wait to connect with DIY folks locally.

  3. CuddlyCacti says:

    i love love love this!! we have a clock from ikea that is just so blah so i might actually use this for a makeover w/ it : )

  4. Chiara from One O says:

    Great one Rachel! I love the fact that as soon as you get bored you can just change it’s layout. And it’s neutral colours make it perfect for any interior I think! Lots of love!
    Chiara |

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