Lately I’ve been visiting my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore a lot. I love that place for many reasons, one being that I get all kinds of DIY ideas while I’m there. On one of my visits I noticed these cool hexagon tiles, and started thinking about what I could do with them. I realized that they’d make great coasters, which would be perfect because we didn’t really have any. And everybody could use a few coasters, right? Right.

DIY cork coasters/trivets DIY cork coasters/trivets

DIY cork coasters/trivets

Ceramic tiles
Thin cork (I used Avskild placemats from Ikea, but a thinner roll of cork like this one would work well)
Glue (I used E6000)
Utility knife
DIY cork coasters/trivets
1. Lay the tile on the cork, and trace around it with the pen. If you’re using a permanent marker, be careful not to get any on your tile.
DIY cork coasters/trivets
2. Cut out the cork shape you’ve outlined, cutting slightly inside the pen line. Check the fit against the tile, and trim if necessary.
DIY cork coasters/trivets
DIY cork coasters/trivets
3. Generously coat the cork with glue, spreading it evenly with the skewer. Make sure to coat the edges especially well.
DIY cork coasters/trivets
4. Evenly press the cork against the back of the tile. Leave to dry.
DIY cork coasters/trivets
5. If you end up with any overhanging cork bits, trim with a sharp utility knife after the glue has dried.
DIY cork coasters/trivets

DIY cork coasters/trivets DIY cork coasters/trivets

As you can see, they also make great plant trivets. And of course you can use tile in any shape–I also made a couple of square coasters, too.

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3 Responses to DIY Tile Coasters

  1. What a find, those tiles are amazing! Love that you turned them into such a functioning piece in your home.

  2. Beautiful! Where did you find your hexagon tiles?

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