You guys, I went and did something kinda crazy: I dyed my hair. Okay, so maybe you’ve been dying your hair for years and think it’s no big deal, but aside from the streaks of blue and purple I put in my hair in high school, I’ve never really dyed mine, and certainly never my whole head. My life is kind of in upheaval right now, what with (almost) finishing school, and I guess I felt like I needed a physical transformation, too.

Can you guess what color?

RED!! It’s a darker red than I was hoping for, but if I do it again maybe I can get the shade I want. I guess it would have to be lightened first, though. I had this done by someone at a salon who needed a hair model, so I couldn’t be too demanding. It’s demi-permanent so it’ll wash out over 6 weeks. After that I might try dying it myself with henna–anybody have any tips?

By the way, I already had the blond streaks in the front from the benzoyl peroxide I use on my skin for acne prevention. Everybody always thinks it’s highlights. It’s just not that noticeable, especially when my hair is curly. The stylist and I decided to leave it blond partly because it would probably get bleached back out anyway.

In other news, while thrifting for my Etsy shop I came across these Jeffrey Campbell shoes:

I almost squealed in the store. Yeah, it’d be nice if they were a half-size bigger, but whatever. The best part is that I don’t have to feel guilty about keeping them because they’re not eligible to be sold on Etsy since they’re not vintage.

  • Julie

    Looks great!

    • Rachel

      Thank you!

  • Karla

    Whoa, looks awesome! I’m glad you tried it!
    I’ve often wanted to do red hair, but it always feels wrong on me. Maybe I need some amusing wigs.

    • Rachel

      Karla, thanks! Wigs sound like a good idea. No commitment and endless possibilities. Go for it!

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