It’s supposed to be blazing hot in Portland this weekend (over 100!), and what better way to deal with the heat than fancy ice cubes? I am one of those weird people who doesn’t like ice water unless it’s actually hot. Ice water in restaurants makes me too cold (especially combined with air conditioning), and I normally don’t eat ice cream until temperatures break at least 80 degrees. But with ice this pretty, I might have to make an exception.
flower ice
It turns out that there are all sorts of flowers, fruit, and herbs that make good additions to ice. Just throw them into an ice cube tray with some water, freeze up, and you, too, can feel fancy. Roses, lilacs, pansies, violets, and nasturtiums are all edible, but so are a lot of other flowers. Just make sure you’ve properly identified the flower before you eat it, and that it’s pesticide-free.
mint ice
You can tear and bruise mint or other herbs to help release the oils, or you can leave them whole.

Flowers and herbs are obvious choices, but lots of other things can be added to ice cubes, too.  Here are some more ideas for fancy ice:
Cucumber slices
Coconut milk or coconut water
Citrus slices

Add your ice to water, iced tea, or (especially) pretty cocktails. Stay cool!

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