Recently I posted about the trend of fancy sweatshirts, and I finally got around to making my own version. Mine is pretty subtle, with matte silver gems on a gray shirt, but I really like the effect. Plus, it’s nice and cozy on these cold winter days we’ve been having lately. Here’s how to make your own.
DIY jeweled sweatshirt tutorial

Sew-on gems (I used two packages of Favorite Findings Sew-On Gems, Silver Rectangles)
Measuring tape or ruler
Chalk or fabric marker
DIY jeweled sweatshirt tutorial


1. Measure from shoulder-to-shoulder around the collar of the shirt, and mark the center.
DIY jeweled sweatshirt tutorial
2. Using the center mark as a starting point, lay our your gems in the pattern you want. Mark the ending points of the gem pattern closest to the shoulder seams, making sure that they’re the same distance from the shoulder seams at each side of the shirt.
DIY jeweled sweatshirt tutorial
3. Sew on the first gem in the center of the shirt, using several stitches per hole to secure it. I lined up the tops of my gems with the collar stitching to keep them straight.
DIY jeweled sweatshirt tutorial
4. Hand-sew on the gems at each end of the pattern.
DIY jeweled sweatshirt tutorial
DIY jeweled sweatshirt tutorial
5. Fill in the rest of the pattern by hand-sewing on the remaining gems.
DIY jeweled sweatshirt tutorial
Stay warm (and sparkly)!
DIY jeweled sweatshirt tutorial

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4 Responses to Fancy Sweatshirt Tutorial

  1. melissasmom says:

    Just that extra touch made all the difference in the world. I will try this as soon as I get the “gems”.

  2. Tammy Thiele says:

    I love this so much! I did something similar with some studs and it was instantly stolen by one of my teenage girls! I think that’s a win!

    • transientexpression says:

      Heh, Tammy, I think you’re right! I guess you’ll just have to make another one for yourself. And thank you!

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