Pretty shades of citrus caught my eye today. Perhaps I was influenced by all of the Clementine oranges I’ve been snacking on lately. I was hoping they’d ward off that cold I was trying to avoid, but I caught it anyway. Luckily I’m almost fully recovered, and looking forward to enjoying the rare sunshine we’re having around here. Have a lovely weekend!
Top left: Poppy Ring Pie Pan. My two pretty pie pans broke when we moved across the country last year, and this would make a nice replacement.
Top right: Shifting Sands Scarf. Pattern here. Photo here.
Bottom left: DIY Paperclay Bust Jewelry Display. If you’re in need of jewelry display and storage, this would be a great option. (See also this post, this one, or this one for more DIY jewelry organization ideas. ).
Bottom right: Blood Orange Bars. My mouth is watering just looking at these pictures. Such a pretty shade of pink!




One Response to Friday Favorites: Shades of Citrus

  1. kay says:

    Can I get the pattern of shades of citrus scarf by E.Mail as i live in Australia. Thanks Kay Rogers

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