Hey friends! Sorry I still haven’t gotten back to regular posting, but this has been a really rough week for me. I’m still hurting and really under-the-weather, there have been deaths in the family and my family’s dog was diagnosed with cancer, and our water heater broke. Just when I could use a nice hot bath. Sometimes everything goes wrong at once, and there’s nothing you can do but slog through it. Anyway, here are a few links to help you get through the weekend.
4-5-14 links
1. It would be really fun to spell out a word with these book letters.
2. The colors of this watercolor clutch are so pretty.
3. This marbled glassware looks like fun.
4. Give your plants a pretty home with this wood plant stand.

Would you eat weeds? Here are 10 edible spring weeds to forage.

Did everybody but me already know that flat irons are good for more than just straightening? Here are 5 hairstyles you can do with a straight iron.

I can definitely get behind Tavi’s message of self-empowerment for teenage girls.

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3 Responses to Links I Like

  1. Charlotte Phillips says:

    Sorry to hear about your hard time :( Hope things get better for you soon
    Love those book letters and the watercolour clutches – I need to make my own!
    Charlotte xx

  2. Tammy Thiele says:

    Loving all your links! So sorry to hear that things are still difficult. Sending you many good wishes.

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