This week I’ve been dealing with some blog technical problems, so if you’ve seen error messages or warnings, that’s why. As far as I can tell, I got hacked! Why are people so terrible? I think I’ve got most of the worst of it sorted out, but I’m sorry for the disruption. On to the links!
6-6-15 links
1. Making some rhubarb ice cubes ASAP. I bet they’re amazing in seltzer water.
2. This hand print pencil pouch is a stylish way to organize your office supplies.
3. It’s hard to believe this cozy home is less than 400 square feet, and a converted garage.
4. Bored with embroidering fabric? Try this embroidered wood box.
5. These fun t-shirt yarn necklaces are easy enough for kids to make, but I’d wear one.
6. For hot days, the built-in ventilation of this lace midriff dress looks perfect.

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2 Responses to Links I Like

  1. I love the decor in that little house! Someday…

  2. Tammy Thiele says:

    Love the hand print pencil pouch!

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