6-13-15 links

1. Knit cozy seat pads out of wool roving.
2. Love the simplicity of this copper candle holder.
3. This decoupaged pitcher is super stylish.
4. Make these dreamy watercolor fans/rosettes for your next party.
5. Edible sprinkle bowls are way too fun.
6. All you need for this DIY is wood-grain contact paper plus a flask

Maybe it’s because I’ve been cleaning out my closets, but I’m in a shopping mood lately. Madewell is having a summer sale I want to check out, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever been to a Loft store, but I’m tempted to find one to try on this dress, and this one.

Kind of obsessed with this video. This guy, Jake Perry, is the best, and I can’t believe how long his cats live. He had one that lived to 35, and another one that holds the world record for longest-lived cat, 38!! Holy wow, I need to put my cats on his special diet of bacon, eggs, broccoli, coffee. Not sure they’d like it.

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2 Responses to Links I Like

  1. Tammy Thiele says:

    I’m in the same mood shopping wise…have done the purging the closet, now I can’t stop thinking about shopping. And really wanting to visit a Loft store!

    • transientexpression says:

      Oh no, now we have extra room and need to fill it up. What a vicious cycle!
      I snagged a couple of things at a Loft store earlier this week. Everything was on sale and they had some good stuff, so I’d recommend it.

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