First, the holiday shopping frenzy has kicked off for real, and you can use the code PDXETSY2012 to get 15% off anything in my shop until Dec. 1. For a few more hours, at least, all of these Portland Etsy sellers are also offering discounts.

Need to keep your head warm? Make one of these super basic hats. I think I’d make mine in solid pattern, how about you?

These polymer clay woodgrain gift tags would be a lovely addition to a present, wouldn’t they?

What a clever use of paint chips. The tutorial isn’t in English, but it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Remember when I posted about the cat sweater trend? Here’s a cute t-shirt version!

Oh, by the way, cat ladies aren’t a new thing. Check out the original cat ladies.

Normally I don’t care for Hollywood gossip, but Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Gloria Swanson Saga, Part One and Part Two are fascinating reads. Plus, at this point, I can claim I’m reading history, not gossip.

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This embroidery gave me a laugh.

This picture is killing me. Now I really want an Alaskan Klee Kai. Not right now, but someday.

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  1. Andreea says:

    Thanks so much for linking to my blog!

  2. daria says:

    thanks for the mention! I just love those gift tags you found!

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