Getting lots of packing/moving preparations done, but not much blogging. The more I pack up, the more stuff I want to make/do/bake/wear that has become impossible. I really want to knit these mitts, though. They’re the cutest! The only thing cuter (maybe) is this fawn sweater. New knitting crush.

I haven’t packed up all of my kitchen yet, and I’ve got a cup of butter to use up before our drive, so maybe I should bake these cookies. If Orangette says they’re good, I’m ready to give them a try. Baking cookies when you should be packing, sounds like a good idea, right?

Everyone on the internet has probably seen it already, but Gifted magazine is really quite lovely. Though I wish people would stop making web magazines that try to mimic print magazines in format–it’s so silly and unwieldy in digital form. Pet peeve of mine, I guess.

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