Today I went supply shopping, and this is part of what I came back with:
Which is slightly more than I had planned on getting. Those supplies may seem like they go together, but they’re actually for unrelated projects. It all started with that blue and white fabric you see on the right. It’s actually outdoor fabric, for cushions for a wood lounge chair. In order to make those cushions, I needed some outdoor foam. I tried to buy some at the time I bought the fabric, but the Jo-Anns I was at was out. Since it was 50% off, I had them find another store that had some in stock, and even though it was out of the way, I drove out there today. Foam procured (not shown, since foam isn’t all that exciting), I headed home. Right past the Pendleton Woolen Mill fabric store.

So I go inside, where they have tons of highly discounted fabric from the shuttered Portland Collection, and I couldn’t resist picking up a few remnant pieces of silk.
I bought one yard of the one on the left, and two of the one on the right. If I have enough fabric, I’m thinking I’ll sew myself a dress like this:

Except maybe with a simplified silhouette, more like this shape:

I’m thinking of using the Anda dress pattern, which I’ve never used before. It looks cute and easy, but I should probably make a practice version in a less fancy fabric. Have you used that pattern, and would you recommend it?

For the other fabric, I’m thinking a sleeveless top, along these lines:

I’m kind of limited by the yardage I bought, but I guess I could always go back for more. Just looking at the collection photos to find the above images made me want the other colorway (cream and red) of the silks. And there were some wovens and knits that looked nice, too.

Ahh, fabric stores. So full of temptation.

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One Response to Supply Stashing

  1. Tammy Thiele says:

    Beautiful fabrics. You are inspiring us to get my daughters sewing machine fixed, so that we can get busy on some DIY stuff!

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