Last week I rounded up some chunky chain jewelry that looked like perfect candidates for a DIY project, and it inspired me to make my own mixed chain necklace.
DIY Mixed Chain Necklace
DIY Mixed Chain Necklace
Read on for the instructions.

Heavy chain (about 5 inches)
Light chain (about 26 inches)
Jump rings
DIY Mixed Chain Necklace
1. Measure and cut two pieces of the light chain about 13 inches long each, and a piece of the heavy chain about 5 inches long.
DIY Mixed Chain Necklace
2. Take one piece of the light chain, and loop it through an end link of the heavy chain.
DIY Mixed Chain Necklace
3. Attach a jump ring to the two ends of the light chain you just looped through the heavy chain, and attach half of a clasp to that jump ring.
DIY Mixed Chain Necklace
4. Loop the other piece of light chain through a link on the opposite end of the heavy chain, and attach a jump ring and the other half of a clasp to the ends.
DIY Mixed Chain Necklace
And now you have a necklace.
DIY Mixed Chain Necklace

DIY Mixed Chain Necklace
I made mine in silver just because I don’t wear much gold, but you could easily make yours in any color or style of chain that you prefer. Happy DIY’ing!

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  1. Jennie M says:

    Ooooooo!!! I REALLY like this one!!

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