rhinestone spike necklace

I’ve been wanting to make a spike necklace ever since I saw a photo on pinterest of the one this blogger was wearing. This week I finally figured out how to make my sparkly spike necklace dreams come true. Here’s how I did it (and you can, too!)

rhinestone spike necklace
Chain with large links, at least 16-18 inches
Screw-on spikes, 1/2″ size, 10-12 (mine are from M&J Trimming; I think they’re these)
Necklace clasp
Glue (I used E6000)
Rhinestones (5 mm stones fit the tops of my spikes perfectly)
Needle-nose pliers
Wire cutters (optional)
Small screwdriver (optional)

The trickiest part of this project is finding the right type of chain. You need one that has links large enough for the spike screw end to fit through, but too small for the head of the screw. You also need to make sure that once the screw and spike are attached they don’t make the chain too stiff to bend. I recommend taking your spikes with you when you buy your chain to make sure it’ll work.
rhinestone spike necklace
1. Measure your chain and cut it to the desired length. I made my necklace the standard size of 18 inches. Add a clasp and jumprings to the ends.
rhinestone spike necklace
2. Screw the first spike through the link at the center of the chain (opposite the clasp). Add a spike on the third link from the center on either side. Make sure not to twist your chain. There’s no need to tighten the screws up much–you’ll be unscrewing the spikes again in a minute after you’ve checked the placement of the spikes.
rhinestone spike necklace
3. Continue adding spikes until you’ve screwed a total of eleven into the chain. Try your necklace on to make sure you’re happy with the spike placement and that they’re all pointing the correct direction.
rhinestone spike necklace
4. Unscrew a spike, but leave the screw in the chain. Dip a toothpick in glue and dab the glue into the screw hole in the spike. Screw the spike back onto the necklace. Don’t screw it in all the way or you might distort the chain. Leave it slightly unscrewed. Since there will be glue holding it in place it should be secure. Repeat with the rest of the spikes and screws.
rhinestone spike necklace
rhinestone spike necklace
5. Let the glue in the spikes dry, then add the rhinestones. Use a toothpick to put glue on the back of a stone, then press it onto the top of s spike. Let dry overnight.
rhinestone spike necklace
rhinestone spike necklace
rhinestone spike necklace
rhinestone spike necklace
DIY Rhinestone Spike Necklace Tutorial

The rhinestones are pretty subtle, but I think they add a nice little touch of bling.

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8 Responses to Tutorial: Rhinestone Spike Necklace

  1. Jennie M says:

    How fun and what a good idea for a gift! (And I see you’ve got your navy nails on!)

  2. Erin @ Thanks, I Made It says:

    Nice! Love the combination of sparkle with tough studs.

  3. Tanya says:

    I made something heaps similar to with but without the rhinestones, its looks great with them, love the idea. Well done.
    xx Tanya

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